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Labradors Galore

AKC Labrador Puppies Family Bred & Raised

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We have puppies!!

8 Chocolates

2 Females ~ 6 Males

Ready on August 28th, 2011

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ProPlan® Large Breed Puppy Food

All of our pups are started on ProPlan® Large Breed Puppy Formula  

At about 4 weeks of age we introduce them to a gruel of ProPlan®Large Breed Chicken & Rice Entrée for Puppies (can) mixed with water. Gradually we mix in Pro Plan® Large Breed Puppy Formula (dry). All pups are weaned and eating dry food and water before they leave with their new families.   

Each of our puppies leave us with their first shots, Vet Certificate, Registration Paperwork, ProPlan Puppy Pack, Food Sample, Mom Scented toy, flea-treatment, and have been de-wormed multiple times .

Purina's Large Breed Puppy Formulas Help Manage Growth Rate

Growing puppies have increased nutritional needs compared to adult dog and the nutritional needs of large breed puppies differ from those of smaller breed puppies. Large breed puppies, which are dogs that will weigh over 50 pounds at maturity, require fewer calories per unit of body weight than smaller breed puppies.

Rapid growth occurs during the first few months in all breeds. Excessive daily caloric intake, beyond that needed for lean body condition, can contribute to accelerated growth rate and excessive weight gain. Avoiding excessive caloric intake helps manage growth and excessive weight gain, which is beneficial to skeletal development in large breed puppies. To help manage the large breed puppy's growth rate when fed as recommended, the new large breed puppy formulas are scientifically formulated with reduced fat and calories. Large breed puppies mature at a slower rate than smaller breed puppies and may take up to 2 years to reach adult size. This difference in maturation rate is why it's important to feed a large breed formula until full maturity.

The way you feed your large breed puppy can affect his vitality and overall health. When fed as recommended, the large breed puppy foods, such as Purina® ONE® Large Breed Puppy Formula and Pro Plan® Large Breed Puppy Formula, provide an appropriate amount of calories and fat to help manage the growth of your large breed puppy and ultimately, influence his quality of life.