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Labradors Galore

AKC Labrador Puppies Family Bred & Raised

Photo Gallery

Grizzly & Bear Grizzly & Bear 79966381 79966382 79966383 Mr Yellow Bear This is bear catching some shade on his picnic table. 105675014 Sir Chocolate Grizzly Grizzly keeping watch over the yard from the picnic table. 105675015 Bear Catching some sun. 105675016 Bear & Kodiak Kodiak sharing his chew with Bear. 105675017 Table Manners Bear is waiting for his treat. 105675018 Grizzly Just taking it easy in the morning. 105675019 Kodiak What i didn't do it. 105675020 Bear This is my favorite chair. 105675021 Grizzly & Kodiak Dad says i have a bubble gum tongue. 105675022 Bear chilling out Bear loves to lounge around in the yard. 105675023 On alert Grizzly looking over the fence to make sure no one is walking by. 105675024 The three amigos A little R&R after a swim in the pool. 105675025 Bear & Dad Giving dad a hug. 105675026 Bear just sniffing around. 133484516 Bear That Chicken was good dad. 133484517 The boys Bear,Grizzly and Kodiak. 133484518 The crew Just waiting for Dad to come home forsome chicken. 133484519 Hanging out We love these chairs. 133484520 Kodiak This is my chair. 133484521 Bear I have two chairs. 133484522 Watching TV. These recliners are sooo comfortable. 133484523 Sir Mr. Yellow Bear Boy i'm good looking 145826842 Griz and Kodiak hanging out Were did Bear go? 145826843 Little Kodiak What's this white stuff, i don't know but i like it. 145826844 Bear And Grizzly Was that a bird or a squirrel? 145826845 Kodiak Ohh i just finished some chicken from Grandma and i am stuffed. 145826846 The Boys Finally all 3 hanging out together on "their" picnic table. 145826847 Mr. Grizzly This isn't my chair. 146855166 Labby Room Enjoying a chew. 146855167 Mr. B. I just woke up. 146855168 Sir Mr. Yellow Bear Dreaming of Grandma's chicken 151125861 The Boys in the AM. Is that a rabbit over there? 146855169 Sir Mr. Choco Grizzly In The AM. 151125862 Dad & Mr. Grizzly Giving Dad a kiss. 151125863 Bear,Kodiak & Grizzly Waiting for mom to come home. 151125864 Mr Bear I love this table. 151126269 Sir Choco Grizzly I just woke up from my nap. 151126270 Sir Mr. Yellow Bear Feeling patriotic on the 4th. 163696350 Kodiak Borrowed the flag from Bear on the 4th. 163696351 Sir Choco Grizzly Got the flag from Kodiak on the 4th. 163696352 Bear & Kodiak Waiting for Dad for some Chicken. 163696353 The Crew Hanging out in the hole Kodiak just dug for us, it's nice and cool. 163696354 Sir Choco Grizzly Grizzly smiling. 163696866 Grizzly Giving dad a hug. 163696867 Sir Choco Grizzly Hanging out on his table. 163696868 Pretty Boy Checking out Mr. Bears chair. 194994086 The Gang We are all happy now. 194994087 Hanging out Hi i'm Hunter and these are my brothers Kodiak & Grizzly they are awesome. 194994088 Getting to know Mr. Bear Bear shared his favorite chairs with me today.He's pretty cool. 194994089 Getting some sun These tables are great. 194994090 Coming down stairs I finally did it. 194994091 Comfy Dad siad i have a beautiful smile. 194994092 cruisin the yard just looking for something to chew. 194994093 Coming Home Hunters welcome home party. 194994094 Talking with Mr.Bear Getting some dog advise. 194994095 Hey Kodiak how bout some help. I cannot figure out how Kodiak got up top. 194994096 Paw Paws Love you Mr. Bear. 194994097