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Labradors Galore

AKC Labrador Puppies Family Bred & Raised

Photo Gallery

Abby Murphy - DOB 3/24/09 Abby Murphy - DOB 3/24/09 Abby in the laundry basket! 37044054 Kitchen Ahhh...where are the crumbs....? 37406822 Beach First day / First swim! 37886587 first day home! 37406823 Abby on the deck 41486371 Abby and her scarf 41486370 Nose shot 37043483 Family Me, Mom & Dad on my first boat ride! 37887847 43859586 Abby sittin tall! 43859927 Abby and her duck THis was a gift from my sister..I love it!! 53444260 Abby and her sister Abby Milne Sisters...we are so fortunate to have connected! 53444261 Abby 5 mos I am waiting patiently....I love it when mom makes popcorn....ok, and she gives me peanut butter too! 53444262 Waiting for a treat... taken on 2/4/10 75118820 Its my birthday! I am 1 year old - on 3/24/10 75118821 sept 2010 - packmondanock hike 134881950 july 2011 - hike in white mountains Abby did a most excellent job climing to Greenleaf Hut, a hike of 3900 feet up! Just short of mt. layfayette in the white mountains. 134881951 emma 9 weeks old 137341607 137341608 137341609